Day 2 – Ready to rock & roll!

Started the day with a barbecue by the golden gate bridge – beautiful view with lovely food!

image (2)

image (4)

Then we drove around the park and discovered a beach where we spent some time taking selfies. Sandy beaches are not wheelchair accessible; however there was a hard plank beneath the sand for a few hundred feet into the beach. Even so, some sand managed to get into the wheels of Kunho’s wheelchair, and made it heavier with a weird sound. We will avoid sandy beaches from now on…

image (3)



After our beach stroll, we decided to split into two teams to race from the park to the Pier 39. So Kunho and Brad teamed up against Cynthia and You, where they went via ferry and car respectively. It was an easy drive and the ferry offered a half price discount for disabled passengers. Although we reached our destination at around the same time, however there happened to be two Piers named Pier One, and we had a difficult time finding each other. Anyhow, we had a great time walking around the seafront and tried clam chowders samples along the way.


We then went to Japan town for a shabu shabu all-you-can-eat dinner and had a great time pigging out. After dinner we forgot where we parked our car, however we managed to find it as Kunho left his iphone there and managed to track using “where’s my iphone”. We had another try at the twin peaks for some night SF view, however no luck as there was heavy fog.




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