Many hours after leaving the Grand Canyon we arrived at Canyonlands National Park. Long red cliffs fallen away in a great ring about the valley. Boulders sized like elephants strewn by either side of the road, detritus of the Olympian canyon shorn by the wind or quakes or God knows what from its walls without a thought to the men below. I have rarely felt so small. And a Toy Story sky.



Ask at the Visitors’ Center for an accessible campsite, and if you book in advance there should be a good chance you’ll get one. We were lucky and secured an accessible campsite without an advance reservation in Canyonlands Campground B. Here you can see the paved sidewalk by the dirt parking slot. The sidewalk leads to an accessible-toilet outhouse and a potable water pump. The campsite itself comes with an unbeatable scenic view. We sat and watched the sunset and, later, the stars.


On entering the canyon we passed an ATV and two SUVs, and then for a full hour we didn’t see a single vehicle. We stopped by the park entrance for a photograph each with the long quiet road.





 Monument Valley in the desert sun. Photo creds to the incredible Cyn Cheung!

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