Rocky Mountain National Park


We arrived in Rocky Mountain National Park on Friday afternoon. The visitor center recommended we visit Sprague Lake for a beautiful accessible trail. The dirt was packed pretty well and Kunho was able to maneuver on his own for much of the trail. Some parts of the trail, however, were at a slight incline and it was helpful for You and Brad to push. When we arrived the clouds and the rain had passed and over the valley was a vibrant rich light, and a rainbow!


Kunho celebrates by the lakeside.


The lake flat and dark like a glass mirror. The 0.5 mile trail wrapped around the lakeside in a relatively level and peaceable walk.


The four of us stopped by a bench at the lakeside.


Here the mountains are visible behind. Rocky Mountain National Park is an hour and a half drive from Denver and about an hour out from Boulder. Stop by Estes Park for quick directions and orientation at the Visitors’ Center, which can provide you with maps and suggestions for wheelchair-accessible trails and sightseeing. In addition to Sprague Lake, the staff there recommend Lily Lake, a similar flat dirt-packed trail, and Trail Ridge Road, a 12,183 foot scenic drive up to the top of the Rockies.


We also checked out Bear Lake, which is not marked as accessible due to steeper inclines at several points on the trail. We were able to walk for about five to ten minutes in either direction along from the trail entrance before Kunho was unable to push himself. Puddles collected on the flat gravel path and the hanging pines dripped. Heat rose in a fog from the surface of the lake and curled in the slightest wind.


On the return a curious tagged animal trotted alongside our car. None of us are wildlife specialists, and we’re not quite sure who she is.


We returned to Hertz that night to exchange vehicles. Our Yukon XL needed an oil change. Our new vehicle, a Ford Expedition, rides smooth and proud and turns like a beauty. Thank you Hertz for your kind sponsorship!

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