We woke up early to go to the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. It was really interesting to see many contemporary art pieces. My favorite part of the museum was the Hall of Failure. It was the section where high school students make art pieces without fear of being judged for failure.



Failure is a must take course. Fun And Intersting Life = FAIL! We had fun drawing on the table. Maybe we should make a failure club at Harvard! It’s all right to fail. Don’t be afraid of failure.


All corners of the museum were accessible by elevator. They had one wheelchair to rent out for free. There was no disability discount for the museum. The bathroom was accessible but the sink was a bit low for me. The elevator was huge.

We went to see Union Square. They had just finished a renovation of Union Station and that day happened to be the grand opening. We needed a ticket to get in and it was very busy and packed with many people. There was a long line of people waiting to get in. We wanted to review its accessibility, but I guess we chose a wrong day.



We drove straight to Hays. We couldn’t find a hotel that had an accessible room. We just gave up and hoped for the best. We just drove and drove and drove. Finally arrived at some town to fill up gas. We must have been looking so handsome and pretty to god for that second. There was daysinn right in front of the gas station. We were fortunate to find an accessible room for four people!!

Tomorrow morning we drove and drove again. We were at Kansas City finally…

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