Denver and Kansas City

When we arrived in Denver, yet AGAIN we had a problem with our hotel reservation. We have been booking through Hotels dot com. It is a painful process of asking agents repeatedly to confirm that our room will be wheelchair accessible, only to arrive and find that Kunho cannot even enter the bathroom. To understand how much of a hassle this is, imagine not being able to use the bathroom for three days. Every time we make a reservation, we find ourselves put on hold for an hour, two, or perhaps more, to confirm and re-confirm and double re-confirm that our room will be wheelchair accessible and have a roll-in bathroom.

After hours on the phone with hotels dot com, we decided to just go for dinner as it was already 11pm.

The restaurant we found perfectly fit our emotion; Illegal Pete’s. We paid around 30 dollars for four people. That’s about how much we would spend at McDonald’s, but the quality at Illegal Pete’s was great. Fresh vegetables with fabulous tacos and quesadilla. As a plus, its accessibility was great too. They had an accessible bathroom and four-legged tables.

I called it a shower-less, bathroom-less night. I went to the office exactly at nine in the morning when the manager arrived. After explaining our situation for about an hour, I was able to get a refund and an accessible room for me and my three friends.

I was again surprised to find that the roll-in bathroom had no bench. I was just too tired to go complain about this again. I dragged a chair in the room into the shower and used that. It was a bit shaky transferring to the chair but I just managed to without falling over.



We had Thai food for brunch. You and I managed to finish the “Thai Hot” Tom Yang Soup in one gulp! Yes we won the bet ;). The bathroom was unfortunately not accessible and the entrance of the building had a little bump.

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