Walking to the Field Museum from our hotel.


For lunch we went for a hot dog at a stand by the Field Museum.


A Chicago City Pass will cover admission to five Chicago attractions for a greatly discounted price. We greatly enjoyed our time at the Field Museum.


Afterwards we walked across to the Shedd Aquarium. It was a great learning experience watching creatures from jellyfish to beluga whales.





We were hungry again after the aquarium visit and decided to try out Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza. We found a Giordano’s pizzeria nearby. There was a 45 min waiting time for a table so we put our names down on the wait list and walked around for a bit.


We happened to be in Chicago the weekend of Lollapalooza, the huge music festival. Tickets were pricy, but we stopped for a photo in front of the gates.


Finally, our Chicago classic deep dish pizza! I only managed to finish one slice….


We would like to thank Hyatt Regency for their support and generous hospitality in Chicago! 🙂

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