Capital One

Today we arrived in the capital of the United States! Finally we have crossed from sea to shining sea—it’s been a crazy, wonderful trip and we aren’t even finished yet. We were eager to see the city and started with a tour of the Smithsonian Museums. The Visitors’ Center is a red castle at the center of the museum area, and it’s worth a visit to orient yourself and grab some maps. Finding street parking can be a nightmare, but there are some paid parking spots at various locations and the visitors center staff can assist you in your search.

The Smithsonian Museums take accessibility seriously. Today we saw the Air and Space Museum. Though there are a couple model spacecraft that are not accessible as they are only reachable by stairs, for the most part the museum is thoughtfully crafted and is almost entirely reachable by wheelchair. We particularly enjoyed the exhibits on Mars and space travel, and felt staring at pictures of alien worlds that we were once again children.

Afterwards we drove to George Town, a historic DC district about 20 minutes from downtown, to do some exploring. The streets are a little bumpy, but the district is largely accessible and there are many shops and cafes to make for an enjoyable afternoon.


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