Today we stayed in Cleveland, which is super famous for being Brad’s birthplace. Another interesting fact: the city’s nickname is “the mistake on the lake.” Cleveland is a charming, clean city with a midwestern vibe. Cyn particularly enjoyed it as a contrast to the derelict neighborhoods in Detroit where we stopped.

The biggest attraction in Cleveland is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and we spent a good couple hours there. The Hall of Fame starts with an elevator to the basement, where a short video on the history of rock ‘n roll plays to orient the uninitiated and charge up the rock fans. Inside the museum has many exhibits with headphone booths for listening that are accessible and at a good height for either a standing or sitting person to use. The museum carpet can make it a bit tough at times to push a manual wheelchair, and one or two exhibits have enough of an incline that it was necessary for Brad to push Kunho. The museum is a line, one after the next, of some of the greatest names in music’s history, and it was inspiring and moving to cross from one to the next.

We also saw a couple other attractions, including the Cleveland Great Lakes Science Center and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. Cyn learned a lot about planes and space in particular at the Science Center and there was a nice terrace view over Lake Erie. You and Brad hurried through the gardens to measure all its accessibility metrics on time, though they were able to stop for some nice moments to appreciate a luminous butterfly, or the tongue of a yellow bell flower. The Botanical Gardens are partly accessible, but some exhibits clearly put accessibility as an afterthought as the way around is a large detour with a sloped wooden ramp. Some gardens are simply inaccessible.

On our way back we passed through some sort of festival in a park. There was a jazz band playing and a long, long line of food vendors. We stopped for some BBQ and chowed down. Hot and smoky, with a foot-tappin’ variety of music? Mm-mm.

Finally, we stopped by the hospital where Brad was born to take some photographs. It was a regular old sort of hospital and we took several pictures and then we were gone.


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