DC – the memorials

Today we went to see the memorials downtown. We stood below the monolithic figure of Abraham Lincoln and stared upward. The Gettysburg Address is inscribed in biblical capital letters in the left marble wall of the monument, Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address to the right. The monument is accessible through the museum below the statue; follow signs to the accessible entrance and it will lead you through a museum on the man himself, on emancipation, and on the civil rights movement. An elevator leads up to the monument itself.

Of equal interest in the area are, within ten minutes’ walk, the Washington Memorial, and the Vietnam and Korean War Veterans Memorials. The Washington and Korean War Memorials are particularly accessible, as they are simple ground level memorials with flat paved walkways. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is, while accessible, slightly more annoying, as to see it there is a downward incline which begins on both ends with a rather bumpy path. The memorials themselves are austere and powerful. I definitely recommend a visit if you have never seen them before.


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