DC – the smithsonians

Today we saw more of the Smithsonian Museums, most notably the American History museum and the Natural History museum. One of the best things about the Smithsonian museums—they’re free! We enjoyed being able to make use of these fantastic DC resources free of charge.

The American History museum is accessible to all floors by elevator. Normally, every exhibit is accessible. However, there is one exhibit on the third floor, a historical gunship, only accessible by stairs or lift, and today the lift was broken! It was a bummer but just our bad luck, and hopefully the lift will be working again soon.

The Natural History museum has one inaccessible main entrance and one accessible side entrance. Follow signs to find the accessible entrance, which will lead you to lower level one. From there you can take an elevator to the main floor of the museum. Inside the museum, accessibility is clearly marked with big colorful signs, which we appreciated. We particularly enjoyed the elephant in the center hall, as well as the marine exhibit featuring a desiccated giant squid, a life-size right whale model, and exhibit on deep sea thermal vents, among other strange, vivid creatures.


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