Death sauce in buffalo

We left Cleveland midmorning and decided to drop by Lake Erie for lunch. We made stir-fried beef and onion by the beach on a picnic table. It was a warm and sunny day for an outdoor lunch.


After lunch, we carried on driving and arrived in Buffalo in the afternoon. There was an indoor balcony in our room overlooking the pool, and we decided it was a good spot to have a meeting.


Since we were in Buffalo, we had to eat the famous wings at least once! Thanks to Yelp!, we found Duff’s Famous Wings not too far from our hotel.


Kunho and You, as true Koreans, are super fond of spicy food. Duff’s Famous Wings ranks their hot sauce on a somewhat different scale from most places. “Medium is hot,” proclaims the front door, the menus, the napkin holder, and even a sign over the bathroom, “hot is very hot. Very hot is very, very hot.” Kunho and You decided to try one of the hot sauces on the side menu. “Suicide sauce” was very, very, very hot. “Death sauce” was very, very, very, very hot. We ordered 10 wings of the Death sauce variety. Kunho took one bite and coughed. He began to sweat. He drank many gulps of water and we ordered a glass of milk. He was still sweating after the milk came and the sweat was visible all over the top of his head. Afterwards You tried several, and Brad tried one too. Surviving a “Death sauce” wing consists of 3 phases: stage “ok, I suppose this is hot,” stage “oh my god this is hot,” and stage “please get me a towel for the sweat coming off my face, and also I cannot feel my ears.”


Kunho and You made a bet to see who could finish 4 “Death sauce” wings and not reach for any form of liquid for 10 minutes. Neither did!


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