Detroit Day 2

This morning was different. We were greeted with a luxurious in-room service breakfast. This would be one of the very few times, or perhaps the first time, we had 8am breakfast during the trip. Of course, packing takes forever. Everyone had a bag of laundry that should have been done many days ago and many more “necessary” things to carry.


We went to the fisher building in Detroit. Decorated with extraordinarily elegant patterns, this building represents the heyday age of the Detroit Renaissance. After that, we found another building that also elaborately depicts the decline of Detroit: Detroit Train Station. It was spooky. A giant building of broken windows and fences with No Trespassing signs like ghost houses as seen in horror movies. But, there we saw prince charming on a white horse coming to protect us from this evil spirits. This man voluntarily explained, after requesting a little bit of cash, the history of Detroit Train Station and the collapse of it. He hopes to have this building rebuilt and revive Detroit again.


Less than a five minute drive away, surprisingly modern buildings such as GM Renaissance Center greeted us. We saw the Canadian side of the river on the observation deck of the building.


Of course touring around such an interesting city will make us forget about lunchtime, Not. Our clocks in our stomachs were more accurate than our smartphone clocks. Luckily we found a nearby park and cooked tacos for lunch.


We are off to Cleveland!


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