Niagara Falls

We woke up bright and early to see Niagara Falls. We wanted to hit a lot of the attractions, so we bought a bundle of tickets. Although we wanted to get a full day tour with most of the attractions included, none of the tour bus companies offered a wheelchair accessible tour that day. Although one company, Greyline, operates one wheelchair accessible van, it is necessary to book 24 hours in advance to secure an accessible tour. We learned this the hard way.


We went out to the observation deck and the view was about as stunning as you’d imagine. The deck was accessible by elevator. Buying tickets in bundle is a good deal if you’re visiting more than two attractions; in addition, you won’t have to wait in each line for tickets. At the top of the deck an elevator leads down to the Maid of the Mist, a tour boat that brings tourists right under the falls. We were given blue raincoats to protect our clothes from a due soaking. Though the ramp onto the ship was steep, the staff capably and efficiently helped Kunho on board. We stood towards the front of the ferry and watched the boat approach the falls. You could feel the thunder of the falling river in your limbs, and the top of the wall of water hung in the air as if by ordinance of God.


Photo: 20140807_Cyn_Buffalo_69a


After the ride, we went back to the visitor’s centre to catch a park trolley to see the Cave of the Winds. The trolley was accessible by lift. Remember to change your bundle tickets for a pink wrist band before you line up for the trolley or you’ll have to go back to the ticket booth to exchange it there.


Photo: 20140807_Cyn_Buffalo_71a


When we got to the Cave of the Winds, we were given sandals and yellow raincoats. We waited 45 minutes in the queue before the elevators leading down to the Cave and came out near the bottom of the Falls through a tunnel in the rock face. The approach to the “Cave” consisted of several wooden decks. The lower decks are wheelchair accessible but the higher decks are only reachable by stairs. At the top is the Hurricane Deck, which delivers what it says on the tin.


After we tried drying ourselves under the sun, we caught a return trolley and went back to the visitors centre. We picked up our car and headed for Pittsburgh in the evening.


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