We arrived in Pittsburgh very late at night. Kunho’s tailbone was hurting him, so he had a good rest in the hotel while the rest of the team explored Pittsburgh. We went to the Cathedral of Learning and found their 24 cultural rooms very interesting. We also learnt that some parts of the lower floor were not accessible as there was an area only reachable by steps, which could not have a ramp added due to renovation restrictions on historical buildings. We took the elevator to the 32rd floor and enjoyed a nice view from the top. We then found a smaller elevator which took us to the 37th floor where there were less people but smaller windows.


Afterward we walked to the museum of Art and Natural History. These two museums are housed in the same building. We also passed by the library before heading back to the car.


We ordered Chinese take out to bring back to the hotel and had lunch with Kunho. After a nice rest, we headed out again for the Andy Warhol Museum. It was a seven story building full of fascinating masterpieces by Warhol. I particularly liked the floating silver pillows exhibit.


After we left the museum, we went to the Duquesne inline for a nice early evening view over the city. We found out that the cable car was not accessible, though the viewing deck was. We Yelp-ed for dinner and found an exquisite French restaurant. Their food was delicious and very affordable, but be sure to reserve early in advance as they sell out quickly.

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