“There is nothing to do in baltimore.”

Arrived in Baltimore today! How time flies. There is a story about Baltimore that goes like this: “there is nothing to do in Baltimore.” While we will not say whether or not we agree with this statement, we can tell you about the things we did find to do in Baltimore that day. First, we spent close to an hour and a half trying to find parking. There are a few reserved handicap parking spots, but the city of Baltimore no longer extends free parking to those with a handicap placard (at least in the downtown business district), and we kept trying to find a free parking space. After a long time we stopped in Little Italy for a bite to eat. Afterward we walked around downtown Baltimore and saw the kiddie Science Center and the National Aquarium. The Science Center is a cute, if pricy, museum for little budding scientists, with some great dinosaur skeletons and other exhibits. All floors are accessible by elevator. The Aquarium is very proactive regarding accessibility information. Wheelchair users are immediately led to a shorter line for tickets upon arrival and given access to an elevator that leads immediately to the main floor. They are also right away given a very detailed map of accessibility for the aquarium. Accessible seating is also offered at the dolphin show near the top of the arena.

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