Detroit Day 1


Once again we woke up late. We’ve always planned to wake up at 9am, but I guess this is the most difficult task for us. At Detroit MGM, we had free nights and free meals. Thank you to MGM for your sponsorship!



We hadn’t had a nice breakfast in a while, or really any breakfast in a while. After a surprisingly delicious and filling breakfast, we went to an iconic place in Detroit showcasing the history of the American automobile industry: the Ford Museum. We saw various automobiles and wagons from way back from 1700s. The most fun part of the museum, for me, was paper airplane competition section. The Ford museum also had great exhibit on airplanes and there was a kid’s section with paper airplanes.



After the Ford Museum, we had a tour of MGM Detroit. Mr. Anthony Turner gave us a nice tour of the hotel’s facilities. The hotel was readily equipped with accommodations for people in wheelchairs. One of the only difficulties I had was with the carpet and the door. It is always a challenge for me to roll over carpet. Also the doors at MGM Detroit were extremely tough to push.



Detroit used to be the home of the “Big Three”: GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Now it is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States and the city recently filed the largest municipal bankruptcy case in US history. We found interesting graffitis that decry the current state of the city.



Never enough time for Chicago…

Guess what happened?


Kunho shaved his head! 😀 It’s always been something he wanted to do, and now he did it! (I think he now looks about 30-ish, what do you think? 😉 )


That day we went up to the Willis Tower Skydeck to look over the city. An elevator took us 103 floors up into the sky.


We really enjoyed the view. A glass floor hangs out over the side of the building, where you can look out to the ground below.


We then walked to the Navy Pier and had dinner at Bubba Gump.



Afterward we walked down to the beach by the lakeside. A wooden ramp goes right up to the waterfront. This was the first “beach” we have seen for a while after we left LA! Can’t wait till we get across to the other side 😉


We went up to the John Hancock Tower “360” to check out Chicago’s skyline by night. There was a fireworks show by Navy Pier. The show happens twice a week in the summer, and you can click HERE for the link to the schedule.

Lov’in the view ❤




Walking to the Field Museum from our hotel.


For lunch we went for a hot dog at a stand by the Field Museum.


A Chicago City Pass will cover admission to five Chicago attractions for a greatly discounted price. We greatly enjoyed our time at the Field Museum.


Afterwards we walked across to the Shedd Aquarium. It was a great learning experience watching creatures from jellyfish to beluga whales.





We were hungry again after the aquarium visit and decided to try out Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza. We found a Giordano’s pizzeria nearby. There was a 45 min waiting time for a table so we put our names down on the wait list and walked around for a bit.


We happened to be in Chicago the weekend of Lollapalooza, the huge music festival. Tickets were pricy, but we stopped for a photo in front of the gates.


Finally, our Chicago classic deep dish pizza! I only managed to finish one slice….


We would like to thank Hyatt Regency for their support and generous hospitality in Chicago! 🙂

Goodbye to St. Louis, hello to Chicago!


The team playing air guitar as we bade farewell the vibrant hometown of Mr. Riew.


We had a great lunch at Seoul Taco – a fusion of Korean and Mexican food, let’s say it’s a Korean taco? We ordered everything on the menu and I thought the steak taco was really yummy!


Mary (Brad’s mum) kindly treated us at Fitz’s – they are famous for their floats! I’ve never had vanilla ice-cream on top of an orange flavoured soda. We also ordered a St. Louis’ classic dessert – Gooey butter cake!! (I have inserted a link to what a perfect one looks like on Google images) It is pure butter and sugar… it’s so bad, yet so gooooood ❤


Brad and I split a float. Yes, this is only half a float.

We then headed for a 6 hour drive to Chiiiiicagooooo ❤

Exploring St. Louis


We started our day with a walk by the river. The iron bridge extending across the river was magnificent. We went past a platform that offered helicopter rides for an air view of the city, but it was not accessible as the seat was too high for Kunho to transfer. There was also a lot of road work going on near the Gateway Arch. Kunho and Cyn needed to walk around the park to find an elevator.


Kunho, on a mission to take a photo of our car keys everywhere we go.


We finally managed to get into the Arch, which is NOT accessible; there are two flights of stairs at the top. The Westward Expansion museum beneath the Arch, however, is accessible and highly educational.



Brad takes a selfie.


We then walked to the Union station, a remarkable building with many shops.


The team admiring the awesome architecture of the Gateway Arch – great shot Brad! 😀

Brad’s home town – St Louis


Brad’s been really eager to show us around St. Louis even before the trip started, and he has been a great tour guide and host throughout our stay! Thank you 🙂 Here, he is making us pancakes for breakfast.


It was great meeting the Riews, and we enjoyed the bubble tea recommended by Julia (Brad’s sister).


We had a night stroll through the Loop and we came across many interesting shops. One of them sold board games and toys. Julia was particularly interested in the Doctor Who merchandise. Although it was officially closed at this time of the night (10pm), they had a function going on and  we knocked on the door and they kindly let us in to look around.


A very proud St.Louis-ian!

Just in time for – St. Louis!



We arrived – just in time for Brad’s dad’s birthday celebration! 🙂 We are truly blessed by his family’s generous hospitality and warm welcome. It was great meeting Brad’s dogs, Toby and Penny (pictured above). They are both adorable and were very pleased to see us.


After dinner, the team challenged the Riews on Starcraft.