How You Can help

The easiest way you can help out with our project is to help us spread the word! Like “20 States on Wheels” on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @WheelProj2014, and share our project with your friends and family!

If you’re interested in helping us out even more, there are significant costs associated with a cross-country road trip. For our 50-day, 5000+ mile trip, costs will include: gas ($1600), lodgings ($3000), food ($3000), and a vehicle ($4000). Any way you can help us to absorb these costs would be well appreciated; if you have a contact in a local hotel chain, grocery store, or petroleum provider, or in any company that might be interested in sponsoring our trip, please let us know! Or, if you are interested in making a donation, please check out our Trevolta page for crowd-sourcing funding for inspirational travel opportunities:

If you have any other suggestions or advice, please feel free to email us at or

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