Road Trip Route

St. Louise -> Indianapolis -> Columbus -> Cleveland -> Detroit -> Chicago -> Milwaukee -> Minneapolis -> Mount Rushmore -> Bozeman -> Yellow Stone National Park -> Seattle -> Portland -> Sacramento -> San Francisco -> Los Angeles -> Phoenix -> Tucson -> El Paso -> Dallas -> Houston -> New Orleans -> Tallahassee -> Tampa -> Miami -> Orlando -> Jacksonville -> Savannah -> Charlotte -> Richmond -> Washington D.C. -> Baltimore -> Philadelphia -> New York -> New Haven -> Providence -> Boston

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Wheelchair Project


We are Kunho Kim and Brad Riew, two freshmen at Harvard College. We are going on a road trip this summer and also going to write a travel guide book for disabled people.

Road Trip Sample Map

Starting in St. Louis and ending at Boston, we will be starting our journey in late June or early July and ending a couple of weeks before school starts in August.

We know this is an ambitious project, but such a road trip has been a longtime dream of ours and we are up for the challenge.

Please follow us to see how our journey goes 🙂